Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Routine kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance is vital for the effective and safe operation of any commercial kitchen. It is basically a process of removing the accumulated grease and grime from the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of the exhaust systems. If left unattended, they can immediately become high-risk fire hazards. Stormfront Cleaning is the professional kitchen exhaust cleaning specialist in Perth. Our services include regular inspection, thorough cleaning and preventing accumulation of grease like fuel which can ignite in no time.

Kitchen exhausting cleaning is a recommended safety precaution to avoid fire outbreaks and danger to lives & properties. Moreover, it is mandatory for commercial kitchens to submit a certificate of compliance for insurance claims in cases of a fire emergency. Failing to do so can make the insurance policy to be deemed invalid.

Our Services:

  • A complete cleaning of the exhaust system
  • Cleaning the fans, ducts, hoods, vents and other appurtenances
  • Maintenance and exchange for filters

With quality and highly sophisticated kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Perth, we ensure that your commercial kitchens do not become a risky business or breach the Australian safety standards.

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