Top 5 Things in Your Office that Required Deep Cleaning

  • Posted on: 5 February 2019
  • By: superuser

Your office premises is a reflection of your brand!

A tidy and organised office leaves a positive impression on your business associates and clients who visit the premise. Also, a clean office provides a conducive and productive environment for your employees.

Office Cleaning Isn’t Just Dusting or Vacuuming!

Typically, when one thinks about office cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is dusting, vacuuming or maybe Window Cleaning

However, that’s just a part of overall commercial cleaning services, there are several areas in your office that require “deep cleaning”.

While you might not immediately notice the ‘dirty areas’, chances are they’ll be evident to potential clients or business associates who are visiting you, resulting in a poor impression of your business.

Here’s a list of areas that require deep cleaning:

1. Behind Printers And Copiers

We often tend to ignore the dirty area behind printers and copiers. The high performing copiers, while printing several pages every minute leave tiny residual particles that eventually accumulate around, under and behind the printers, making the area dirty.

2. Dusty Baseboards

Have you ever got a chance to run your finger on the top of baseboards? These areas are dusty!

Over time, dust and grime (if not cleaned regularly) accumulate over the baseboards, eventually finding its way into HVAC systems, resulting in unhealthy air.

3. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Does your office have acoustic tiles on the ceiling? The asymmetric and rough texture of the acoustic tiles is infamous for collecting dust and cobweb formation, and the ones near vents are prone to dark staining.

4. Office Upholstery

Have you ever compared the front of your upholstered furniture to the back of the cushion? Office upholstery accumulates a lot of dust, salt and bodily fluids leaving it smelly, dirty and stained — it requires regular steam cleaning by professionals to maintain the lustre and longevity.

5. Light fixtures

If you use fluorescent light fixtures, chances are you will a lot of bugs around it. Additionally, the light fixtures used on walls and desks rack up the dust which eventually dulls its shine.

It is quite overwhelming to ensure all these areas are clean and dust-free. And that’s where a commercial cleaning service helps you by deep cleaning your workplace and keeping it spic and span.