Get Streak-free Windows with These Residential Window Cleaning Tips

  • Posted on: 1 November 2019
  • By: superuser

Crystal clear and shiny windows give your home a fresh look and feel. Moreover, with clean windows, you can enjoy the tender spring sun shining through your home and the beautiful view outside.

How to Get Streak-free and Sparkling Clean Windows?

Regular residential window cleaning in Perth play a pivotal role in wiping off and removing the impurities like water spots, dust and streak from your window. It’s important to remember that the secret to shiny and dust-free window cleaning doesn’t lie in the pricey cleaning products, but in the technique used to clean the surface. Here are some practical tips for residential window cleaning in Perth.

1. Give Your Window a Quick Dusting

Over time, windows gather dirt and grime, along with loose spider webs. It’s important to get rid of these impurities before you start washing the windows, this way you can avoid the smeared marks on the glass surface to get flawless windows. Moreover, always start from the top, going all the way down.

2. Give it a Good Wash

Once you’ve removed all the seared grime, it’s time to give the windows a good wash. Take a bucket of water and add some (regular) detergent. Soak a microfibre window washer and gently scrub the windows. It’s recommended to start from the top to ensure the dirty water doesn’t drip onto the cleaned areas. Usually, water + detergent solution does the work. However, in case of stubborn stains, use a premium quality glass cleaner.

3. Squeegee the Windows

The main reason behind a water smeared window is that most people just wipe it off with an old shirt or a rag. It’s definitely not the best option! Most rags have lint, which might stick on the glass surface, giving your window a streaky look. After wiping your windows with soapy water, get a squeegee and wipe off the water in one direction.

With these simple residential window cleaning hacks, you can get shinier windows in no time. However, it’s recommended to hire residential and commercial window cleaning in Perth to clean the difficult-to-reach-and-clean spots for spotlessly bright and clean windows.

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