Everything You Should Know About Post Builder Cleaning.

  • Posted on: 1 November 2019
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Everything You Should Know About Post Builder Cleaning. 

With the construction workers packing their stuff, gathering their tools, loading themselves on the trucks and driving off to the next site, you’re all excited and jumpy to finally enjoy your dream home. You stand back and admire the beautiful structure. You start planning the all wonderful parties you always wanted to throw for your friends and family.

But, when you step inside your freshly constructed/renovated house, the disorderly and messy sight makes you drop dead in the track! The house looks like a scene straight out of a battlefield. There’s a chaotic field of haphazardly piled up wooden structure, concrete, bricks, paint splatters, and pieces of glass shards, nails, sawdust and cigarette butts scattered all around.

With every bit of space in your home occupied with trash, you stand there aghast, scratching your head, wondering how to clean the construction mess in the quickest possible time.

Generally, a builder or contractor lack the time, resources and expertise to turn revamped or new construction site spotless. The best cleaning work contractors do is like more “broom-swept” that involves removing larger debris or wiping surfaces with a wet rage. Anything beyond that requires professional intervention! It’s here that  after builders cleaning provides practical solution to your problem.  

What is After Builders Cleaning Services?

After builders cleaning is a specialised service that’s designed to address the problem of hard-to-clean construction junk, debris and mess, once the project is completed.  After builder cleaners possess heavy-duty industrial equipment like high-performance vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and scrubbers. Applying a powerful combination of advanced tools and detergents, the pros ensure highest standard for post construction clean up.

The internet, today, has an astronomical amount of DIY videos showing how to scrape off the plaster from skirting or clean a window. Unfortunately, these videos are not always useful. There have been a plethora of examples where things have gone for a toss. You might end up smearing the stubborn construction dust or leave ugly scratches on the glass panel, with your DIY. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a professional roped in for the post construction cleaning.

Experienced and adept at their jobs, the professionals ensure your home is immaculately clean. With a razor sharp focus and keen attention to detail, they can spot even the smallest speck of paint or a tiny plaster blob stuck on the light switch.

Can I Hire a General Domestic Cleaning Services Provider?

Though professionals, the domestic cleaners aren’t trained or skilled to carry out the post construction cleaning. With their (limited) set of skills , they are suitable for normal tasks like cleaning carpets, mattress, blinds and so on.

Usually, the level and type of contamination is much higher after renovation or construction work is over. After builders, as the name suggests, is a specialised service that is carried out after a refurbishment, renovation or construction task. The cleaners are trained in dealing with the construction rubble and waste. Moreover, they’ve the necessary tools, detergents and expertise to deal with  ineradicable layers of concrete dust and effectively remove the builders waste.

Why Hire Professional After Builder Cleaning Services?

Whether you gutted a preexisting structure, built a new room, had your house revamped or erected a brand new structure; construction work leaves behind a massive trail of (sometimes hazardous) waste, debris and dust. You just can’t sweep this trash under the carpet! 

A do-it-yourself approach could potentially end into a disaster, leaving an unimaginably messed-up house. Post construction cleaning is a different kettle of fish; it’s not like your regular cleaning. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire a post construction clean-up service to salvage the mountain of builder’s waste and bring your home to its original glory.  

 Here’s why you should hire professional after builder cleaning:

1. For Safety Concerns

Construction work - be it a small-scale renovation or a full-fledged brand new structure - generate massive amount of debris. These debris usually contain respirable crystalline silica which pose a serious health threat when inhaled.

Apart from this, the entire space is strewed with sharp objects like nails, tiny pieces of metals, glass shreds and more. It’s practically impossible to get rid of such microscopic particles with your regular vacuum cleaner.  The pros are equipped with proper tools and knowledge to get rid of any sharp and dangerous objects efficiently and safely. Besides, these individuals are insured against any accidental damage.

2. Proper Waste Disposal

According to an estimate, approximately 6.7 million ton of construction waste goes into the landfills, which results in irreparable damage to the environment. Smart and sensible disposal of builder waste is crucial to protect the landfills and subsequently our ecosystem. Disposing the builders waste isn’t as easy as you may think. You can’t just toss away the junk. The professional after builders cleaners are well-versed with various rules and regulations set by the authorities to discard such waste. On top of that, these companies strictly adhere to the regulations ensuring the harmful debris are discarded in a prescribed manner without causing any damage to the environment.  

3. It’s a Time-Saver

No matter what you see in the DIY videos, pulling off a post construction cleaning mission isn’t a child's play! You have to invest a great deal of time (and resources) to find the right cleaning products. Even if you get a hold of industry-grade products, it’s not simple to find the equipment that can allow you to carry out a clean-up task of such a scale. Also, after spending all the time, there’s no guarantee that the job will be done efficiently and effectively. It’s here that the professional bail you out! Possessing the right tools, they carry out detailed and comprehensive cleaning, making your place liveable in a stipulated time-frame.

 4. It’s an Economical Option

 While you might think that taking the cleaning matter in your hands will save you a few bucks, it’s actually the opposite case. Post construction is a specialised service which require industry-grade cleaning supplies, insuring the workers and providing them with remunerations. All these just adds to the overall expenses. Why take such a headache, when you can hire a professional and save a great deal of money in the first place!

5. Comprehensive Solutions

No matter how much you cover your upholstered furniture and other furnishings like carpets, when your home undergoes an overhaul, it’s bound to make your expensive furnishings full of dust. Other than this, there will be large pieces of trash like wooden structures piled up in a corner of your house. Tidying up the place on your own is next to boiling an ocean. Post construction cleaners put on the elbow grease to take care of everything - right from making your furnishings sparkling clean and  from removing the large debris to wiping off every surface.

What Does the After Construction Cleaning Service Include?

Unless your newly constructed/refurbished home is spotlessly clean, you cannot really enjoy it. The unimaginable quantity of mess spread all around your abode can overwhelm you, making it difficult to decide where to begin. Cleaning companies specialising in after builders clean-up offer bespoke services based on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, the services include the following:

1. If it’s a renovated or newly unfurnished construction; most after builder cleaners offer the following services:

● Wiping and cleaning surfaces like the doors, window frames and sills, banisters, skirting boards.

● Cleaning the walls and ceilings, along with hosing down the tiled areas. Besides, the pros remove even the smallest speck of builder’s dust.

● Scraping off the plaster blobs  and removing the paint marks from light switches and sockets.

● Scrubbing and rinsing the kitchen and bathroom fittings, accessories and faucets.

● Thorough and deep cleaning of the windows.

 2. For a fully renovated and furnished property, the following cleaning requirements are addressed:

● All the furniture are dusted and wiped. The furniture includes cupboards, benchtops, cabinets and so on.

● Polishing and cleaning of mirrors and glass tops.

● Vacuuming of carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture.

● Sanitising the outer surfaces of electrical appliances.

3. If you have got your home partially renovated and its completely furnished, most clean-up services cover the following:

● Spot cleaning of particular areas like window sills, furniture, wall,  ceiling or carpets.

Apart from this, most clean-up services encompass a comprehensive solution that includes:

● Removal and proper disposal of large debris such as rubble, bricks, plumbing fixtures, roofing material, concrete and more.

● Rigorous cleaning of bathrooms that includes scrubbing and sanitising all bathtubs, showers and WC. Additionally, the professionals remove the filler, grout residues, paint marks from the bathroom and plumbing fixtures.

● Scrubbing and disinfecting the wash basins, toilets with premium quality detergents.

● Vacuuming and mopping every surface including carpeted floors.

● Meticulously wiping of the windows, sills, tracks and frames to get rid of any speck of dust. Moreover, the pros give you a streak-free, sparkling clean window panes by removing those unsightly finger-tip marks.

● Additionally, the cleaners make the fittings and fixtures like light shades, toilet paper roll holders, taps, cupboards and so on, sparkling immaculate.

● Polishing and cleaning all mirrors to get rid of dust-smears and fingerprint marks.

● Cleaning the construction dust from the kitchen appliances is the toughest part. However, experts with high-performance industry tools thoroughly clean the appliances like refrigerators, microwave, stove and dishwasher, inside and out.

● Layers of concrete residues settled on the kitchen benchtops and splashbacks can mar the beauty of your kitchen. Professionals wipe every residue of the dirt, concrete and soil from the surface.

● The construction work takes a heavy toll on the fire alarms. Unclean alarms might not detect the smoke and go off. Professionals take care of making the smoke alarms dust-free to ensure they function properly.

● Above all these, the post construction cleaners dust, wipe and clean the stairs, handrails, blinds, window dressings.

How Long Does it Takes to Make the Site Completely Clean?

The duration for post construction clean-up varies from property to property and from project to project. It typically takes 7-10 days to clean a large-scale newly constructed or renovated site. While, for a small revamp task, the cleaning task requires approximately 2-4 days.  

How Much Does it Cost, If I Hire Post Building Clean-up Services?

The cost of professional post construction cleaning depends on a variety of factors. Here are some of the things that influence the total cost of the after builders cleaning tasks.

● Size of the Structure

The size of your structure has an impact on the overall cost of clean-up. Usually, the cleaning cost of residential homes depends on the total number of rooms. While, if you want to hire a cleaning company for a newly constructed or refurbished commercial space, the expenditure mostly depends on the number of floors.  

● Complexity of the Task

Usually, building clean-ups involves transporting, clearing and removing piles of concrete, timber or other materials used in construction. If there’s a need for additional labour or equipment to remove heavy or potentially hazardous material like steel or furnaces, you could expect the costs to increase, substantially. Besides, cleaners might also charge additional fees for cleaning the interior or exterior spaces.  It’s always better to clarify the scope of work before you hire the services.

● Added Costs for Additional Services

When you ask for quotation, make sure you have asked for scope of service. Some companies don’t cover areas like exterior of the windows on multi-storey buildings or pressure washing the driveways. To ensure you get the best value for your money, make sure to ask the prospective companies about packages and what’s included.


Tidying up a post-construction site on your own, is like asking the ocean to not rush towards shore. It’s next to impossible to get a spotlessly clean place with the do-it-yourself. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact an experienced, reputed and leading cleaning company to bring your home back to its original form.  

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