How to Clean an Oven like a Professional?

  • Posted on: 27 March 2019
  • By: superuser
Oven Cleaning Perth

While baking a delicious banana cake for your family is fun, scrubbing off the grease, oil and other food debris from the oven is one of the most dreaded, time consuming and daunting tasks.

Over time, the food splatters and grease build up inside the oven adds up to the grime. Besides, the food spillage turns into cooked-on carbon monoxide which poses serious health threats.

The Dangers of a Messy Oven

Fire Hazard - When you cook at high temperature with old food resides stuck on the oven’s wall, it can result in a severe fire hazard. Grease, food spillage and other debris stick to the metal trays, racks, grills and even on the heater. If you keep using the oven without cleaning it regularly, the stuck up food particles continue to burn, causing serious oven fire accident.

Bad Taste - An oven full of greasy residues and food splatter can ruin the taste and smell of your food. Besides, it can harm your health.

Uncooked and Raw Food - The grime built inside the oven reduces its efficiency. It prevents the oven’s heat sources from warming up properly resulting in uncooked or raw food. Moreover, this can be dangerous in case you are cooking meat/fish as it can lead to food poisoning.

Foul Smell - When grease and food debris is heated over and over again, it leaves a foul smell in the kitchen.

There are a few simple cleaning hacks that you can follow to clean the oven.

However, it is recommended to call professional oven cleaners every six months to get your oven clean to keep it grime-free and prolong its life.

How Does a Professional Oven Cleaner Help You?

● A professional cleaner will inspect your appliance. They use right kind of detergent depending on the alloy used in the oven’s chamber.

● The oven cleaning specialist dismantles the appliance into its individual parts (those which are removable), and clean them separately with appropriate detergents.

● Moreover, they degrease the oven and scrap off the carbon deposits. Besides, they can adeptly clean the hard to reach places near the electrical elements.

● They wipe and polish the inside and outside of the appliance including the stove top, hobs, dials, knobs and fittings.

Call us now, if you are struggling to get a spotlessly clean and grime-free oven!