Get Healthy and Hygienic Mattress With These Effective Tips

  • Posted on: 17 May 2019
  • By: superuser

Do you know beneath the comfortable layers of your mattress, lies an ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, moulds and pests?

Sounds gross! Hence, cleaning your mattress is essential to ensure these allergens don’t stand a chance to thrive and survive. Additionally, cleaning mattresses also prevent the build-up of dead skin cells and dust mites offering you healthy conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few simple and practical cleaning tips to keep your mattress immaculate and fresh as new:

How to Wash a Mattress

1: Vacuum every part of the mattress to pull out the tiny particles like dust, dust mites, dead skin, hair and other debris. You can use the extended upholstery nozzle to reach within the crevices, seams and sides.

2: Apply baking soda to get rid of any mattress odours. Sprinkle a generous quantity of baking soda on the top of your mattress and gently scrub it around with a brush. This will let the baking soda sink into the fabric and absorb the foul smell. Vacuum it all up after half an hour.

3: Clean the mattress using a homemade cleaning solution. Preparing this solution is easy - Take a cup of warm water and mix one teaspoon of liquid detergent. Now lightly apply this solution on the mattress and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then, scrub the mattress with a damp towel. Put the mattress out in the sun to make the mattress completely moisture free.

Pro-tip: Never drench your mattress with the cleaning liquid! The excessive amount of cleaning fluid can lead to mould and mildew buildup.

How to Clean Your Mattress Stains : .

Did you spill a glass of wine of your mattress? A stained mattress can send you in a panic mode, but the good news is you can get rid of these stains using the following hacks:

1: You can get rid of general stains caused by food or drink spillage or the makeup marks by using premium quality and gentle upholstery cleaner that is available in the market.

2: Blood stains aren’t common; nonetheless, they make your mattress dirty, giving it an unpleasant appearance. You can remove (dried) blood stain by using a solution of lemon juice and salt. Apply the solution on the affected area and let it rest for 30-45 minutes. Use a damp sponge to rinse this solution. If needed, you can repeat this procedure. If the blood stains are still fresh, you can use (regular) soap and water solution.

3: Your furry friend left a huge and ugly stain when it accidentally peed on the mattress. The first thing to do is blot the excess urine with a clean towel. Take two tablespoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, and 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to prepare a solution. Now apply this mixture to the stain using a spray bottle. Let it sit for about a day and then clean it off by vacuuming the dried baking soda. This process will not only clean up urine stain but also remove the foul odour.

These cleaning hacks can be useful only in case of an emergency. Remember, it essential to get your mattress cleaned professionally, at least twice a year to keep it hygienic, healthy and slouchy.