These Easy Steps Will Help You Get Rid of Colour Marks On Carpet!

  • Posted on: 26 April 2019
  • By: superuser

Has your little one changed the colour of an expensive carpet with crayons or coloured pencil?

We understand spotting colour stains on a pricey carpet can send you in panic mode, but it is pointless to get stressed and shout at your kid! Your carpet may look like a mess at first, but there is always a solution. Believe it or not, there are numerous simple ways to get rid of the crayon (coloured pencil) stains.

Before, you call in a professional carpet cleaner; there are few easy steps that you can follow to ensure the stains do not take a toll on your carpet’s texture and fabric.

Dealing With Crayon Marks

One of the standard ways to remove crayon stains from the carpet is ironing method. Take a paper bag and place it over the stained part. Heat the iron and rub it gently on the paper. The crayon under the bag will melt and stick on the paper.

Pro-Tip: Remember to change the paper bag every time you use this method. This ensures the melted crayon is not transferred on clean parts of the carpet. Besides, never apply hot iron directly on the carpet fibre, or you will end up ruining both the iron and your carpet.

Another effective method to remove the crayon wax is ice therapy. Take some ice cubes, place it in a plastic bag and then apply it directly on the affected spot. The ice will freeze up the crayon making it easy to remove the stains using a knife.

Pro-Tip: Never apply ice directly, or it will leave the carpet damp. The dampness eventually gives way to mould formation.

Additionally, try and find out the best carpet cleaning material in the market and rub it gently on the affected area. Use a paper towel to take out the crayon colour off the carpet.


Crayon stains are easy to remove. However, eliminating certain stains like the one caused by marker pens isn’t a childsplay. The DIY technique isn’t useful here - You need a professional carpet cleaning expert to eradicate certain stubborn stains.