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Bathrooms Cleaning Perth

Best Bathroom Cleaning Services Perth

Humans are known to spend a considerable time in the bathrooms and they account for the most of the personal space. They are not only comfortable but are used for basic daily routines. The hygiene and cleanliness of bathrooms is an important factor for many households and service industries. Stormfront Cleaning specialises in residential and commercial bathroom cleaning services across Perth.

Our Services:

  • Degreased, scrubbing, wiping and sanitising the floors
  • Hard water scale marks removal
  • Cleaning and polishing bath, taps, shower, basin, and fittings
  • De-scaling and brushing clean the toilet
  • Cleaning mirrors and vanity
  • Removing stubborn stains with acid wash and scrubbing
  • Grime and stain removal
  • Restocking of supplies
  • Trash removal

Our cleaners would thoroughly wipe the shower, tub, fixtures while removing the build-up soap residue. We also clean the toilet, mirrors, tiles, chromes, vanity and sink to make your bathroom sparkle with freshness.

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