About Us

About James Cleaning Service Perth

Stormfront Cleaning Group are committed to providing our clients the highest quality cleaning service for builders and commercial/industrial businesses in Perth. Our team of well-experienced cleaners and professionals carry out each job with personal care and diligence, ensuring your business space or brand new luxury home is given the best treatment on a regular basis.

We have a strong client base in the Perth luxury home builders industry, who require the highest quality cleaning services for custom designed residential and display homes.

No office or commercial space is too large for our team, who carry out professional cleaning of boardrooms, lobbies, guest rooms, kitchens, common rooms, open plan offices and all the different office spaces in Perth.

We are devoted to professional service and will deliver your cleaning requirements to meet or exceed your expectations no matter your time or budget specifications.

We deliver the most hygienic, fuss free and thorough solution possible with a flexible schedule and a better, longer term cleaning service. With high customer satisfaction we are becoming one of the best cleaning service providers around Perth.